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This is the face of a 23yo Costa Rican Canadian with Portuguese fluency and fairly recent US citizenship. She can often be found begging friends, family, and strangers to watch Sing Street or play Rock Band.

1999 At just 1 year old, Lauren is told she is talented and immediately assumes her role as an artist (while never touching a piano again. Sad!)

2010 Gets her first point-and-shoot camera and makes it everyone's problem. Photography, directorial, and modeling careers all begin immediately.

2019 Discovers advertising and breaks both knees at Banff National Park to get accepted into the BYU Adlab. Success!

2020 Switches from aggressive side to middle part and a personal renaissance begins. Buys a yellow couch and ABBA listening habits increase exponentially.

Or maybe just proof she was never meant to be a woman in STEM :'(

2015 Writes a play with two friends and English teacher at Starbucks. The high school actually puts it on. It’s terrible.

2017 Hears the term "art director" for the first time freshman year and just kind of runs with it. Has yet to discover advertising.

2022 Graduates and moves to LA to make Apple ads at TBWA\Media Arts Lab!

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